Guide Explaining The Working Of Split Air Conditioner

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Air conditioning is an essential requirement to get relief from sizzling heat in the summer season. Air conditioners are built to regulate temperature as well as humidity in a room. With several different models of air conditioners available on the market, split air conditioners are the most preferred type on the market.

Such type of air conditioners is distinctive as it has half of the part inside the house and another part outside the house. The cooling unit of this air conditioner is mounted on the wall. It works by spreading air in all the directions uniformly.

About split air conditioning system

Most of the centralized heating units are designed to be of this kind. The reason why LG split AC is considered to be the best is because it keeps surroundings cool inside and hot outside. The condensing unit, vent fan and compressor coils are installed on the outside whereas the blower and evaporator coils are installed on the interior of the house. Both these areas are connected to each other by way of pipes or tubes.

Working of a split air conditioner

In split air conditioner, gas is used as a refrigerant. It is fed inside the compressor unit. This unit pressurizes it and causes the heat present in the gas to increase. The pressurized form of gas then passes via a series of tubes that condenses it into liquid form. This pressurized form of liquid travels via the condenser tube till it reaches an expansion joint.

When the pressures quickly reduce, liquid again takes the form of a gas. Gas again releases a good amount of heat and becomes very much cool. Later, this gas passes again to the compressor unit to undergo the same process again.

Compressor unit draws all the air present in the room and passes it to the evaporator coil. As a result, air gets cooled. This cooled air is forced back again into the room through the blower. The air starts to circulate via the air conditioner unit until the system reaches a set temperature. These air conditioners make your room cool without any need of ducts. This makes it a simpler system that provides better zone control.

What are the things that make a split air conditioner more impactful?

Below are a few reasons that make a Mitashi split air conditioner stands out from the crowd.

  • It has a larger compressor unit as compared to a window unit. So, it has the ability to cool a large area.
  • A single compressor can easily be connected to different ductless units.
  • All these individual units have simple design that makes them quite convenient to maintain
  • Zone cooling system provides better control to the user on the system. It also helps in reducing the electrical consumption.


Before buying an air conditioning system, it is important to learn about the working of it. This will help you understand how different models of air conditioners differ from one another. A buyer also learns its different parts, functions and uses in detail. This understanding helps in making an efficient buying decision.