Make Summers Bearable by Resolving Issues with Your Air Conditioner

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Summers are just around the corner and very soon it might be time to switch on your air conditioners. This is a very good opportunity to clean your air-conditioner so that it functions properly, making the atmosphere in your home cool and comfortable. If there are any repairs that need to be undertaken, now would be a good time to have it checked.

Need for Regular Maintenance

Neglecting to regularly service or maintain your air conditioner can affect its performance. The essential components of the air conditioner than needs to be regularly cleaned include the coils, filers and drain channels.

Dirt and debris can constantly accumulate onto the filters causing normal airflow to get blocked. Cleaning the filters on a regular basis can prevent dust and debris to flow into the evaporator coils and impair its heat absorbing capacity.

Brands like Voltas come with warranty on their air conditioners. If your air conditioner falls within the warranty period and needs to be repaired, you can call up the company and ask for a technician to come have a look at you air conditioner.

Indicators Showcasing Issues with Your Air Conditioners

No issues arise all of a sudden. Your air conditioner might give out signs which we generally tend to ignore. Some of these indicators are:

  • Air conditioner do not bring out cool air
  • Accumulation of moisture around the AC
  • Foul smell coming from the AC
  • Disruptions or noises coming from inside the AC
  • Air conditioner switching off abruptly
  • Increase in your electricity bills
  • AC frequently keeps breaking down

All the above indicators are clear signs that your AC health is not up to the mark. If you observe any of the above problems with your AC, it is time to call a technician to resolve this. Many of the companies even offer instruction guides on how to maintain your air conditioners. They even offer troubleshooting advice if the issues are minor and can be rectified by you.

Considering Purchasing a New Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is pretty old, then you might want to consider purchasing a new one. Ensure that you go for branded ones such as Voltas that offer a variety of designs and styles to their customers. Take your time searching for a new AC. Online stores are the best to shop for air conditioners. Here you might come across many different types of air conditioners that might best suit your preferences and budget.

The best time to shop for a new air conditioner is when the summer season is not at its peak. Summer time is the season where air conditioner prices tend to shoot up. You can look at different brands of AC’s and rely on websites such as to compare prices and features of different AC brands. You can even check this website for discount coupons that can be pretty useful, especially if you are running on a tight budget.


Stay cool this summer without having to sweat it out in the scorching heat. Ensure that you clean your filters and coils regularly so that you are well prepared for the summers.