Injuries that can happen during sports

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·        Sprain:

The sprain is a problem in which the ligament in the joint area gets into a lot of pressure and it gets hurt temporarily. A ligament is a band of connective tissues which helps to connect bones to bones. They are made up of strong connective tissues, but they get hurt under severe pressure. This can result in a sprain. It can happen in knee, ankle or wrist joint depending upon the injury. The best thing about it is that they can easily be recovered with the help of the rest. If the pain is too much for you, you can take a painkiller, according to the prescription of your doctor.

·        Fracture:

A fracture can also happen during sports too. Sometimes, bones are fragile and they get breakage with a sudden shock too. This can happen to you in the ground too. So if you have a fracture in your arm or leg, do not move the area as it will increase the blood flow and it will inflame the area. So immobilize the joint and get to a doctor as fast as you can.

·        Bursitis:

The bursae are a jelly-like structure that is found in between most of the important joints. The function of these is to lubricate and avoid the friction between the joints. When the injury occurs to them, they get inflamed and this condition is known as bursitis. You can recover from this issue with the help of resting and medications. Consult your doctor if you are feeling pain in your joints.

·        Tendonitis:

Tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendons in the body. Tendons help to attach the muscles to the bones. Due to some kind of injury or infection, these connective cords get swelled up. In case of this injury, you can rest a lot to get recovered. Antibiotics can also help in case of infection. You can also deal with tendonitis with the help of Manhattan sports therapy. They will make you do exercises that will help you recover fast.

·        Knee injury:

If you are a sportsman and you love to go out there in the ground and play, one of the main issues that you are liable to in knee injury. In fact, almost all the sportsmen have this injury in some part of their life. The knee injury is not that bad and it can easily be covered with a lot of rest. However, if the injury is due to the fracture or breakage of the knee patella, it is serious. You need to get to a hospital as fast as you can. Do not move your leg if it is broken. It will only damage it more. Immobilize your leg and wait for a doctor to treat it. If the surgery is needed, you should immediately sign the consent form in order to minimize the damage. There are many people who are unable to play sports at all because of their injuries. SO make sure you cover yours quickly.