What Can You Do With Your Old Mobile?

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Nowadays almost everyone owns a mobile phone. Moreover, some users can afford to buy a new device every other year to replace their old one even though it is still fully functional. Certainly, you may want to get money for used phones, or, in other words, sell them. However, a lot of unwanted smartphones end up stuck in the corner of the drawer. Here are some ways you can make use of your gadget.

Tracking Station

The need to monitor what happens in the house in your absence can arise for several reasons. Perhaps you worry that thieves might break in or your new baby will fall out of the bassinette if you are not constantly looking directly at it. You can use your old smartphone not only to capture and transfer pictures but also as a reception device. It can collect information from several web cameras located around the house or in different rooms.

Room Alarm Clock

Modern alarm clocks come with flexible settings, weather forecasting functions, task scheduling, and so on. Any smartphone will cope with them without any effort. You can simply install the app you like and always be on time.

MP3 Player

If you are a serious music lover, you should have thought about buying a special device for this. After all, if you use your main phone for both music and communication, then the battery runs low faster, and by the end of the day you are nearly cut off. So, get your old smartphone, install a larger memory card, and use it as a specialized music player.


What should a smart gadget like that do in the kitchen?

Of course, help you cook! You can find tons of apps with collections of recipes. There are some that represent dishes of a certain cuisine with pictures and videos, for instance. So, safely place your old smartphone in the kitchen, if you want to eat delicious and healthy food. Especially since it is best to keep your new sweet gadget far away from boiling oil and greasy hands!

Experimental Gadget

The Android operating system offers endless possibilities for customization. And you can get as far into the system as your knowledge and courage allows. Moreover, you can switch from Android to something more original, for example, MIUI or Cyanogen. The only problem is that not all experiments can be equally safe for your device. If you do not want to take risks, then your old Android will serve as an excellent testing ground.

Digital Frame

Certainly, paying money for a digital frame might be one of the signs of insanity. But why not use an old gadget for this? Put it on the nightstand so that you can enjoy looking at your own photos or the works of the best professionals. Among different applications you can find the one you like and install it on your used phone; it does not get any easier than that.

These are not the only ways to breathe a new life into your device. However, if you are still not inclined to do anything with it and keep thinking to yourself: it’s best to trade my phone, probably it is the right way to go; the decision is always up to you.